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5 Ways To Stop Yo-Yo Dieting & Start Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Did you know that most weight-loss attempts have a poor success rate and the minority who do succeed in losing weight during the dieting process regain most of the lost weight within a few years? (REF:


These diets are usually quick-fix "fad" diets. Fad diets are especially attractive as dieters are inclined to want a quick, easy way to lose weight instead of changing their lifestyles i.e. eating healthily and increasing physical activity. BUT these quick-fix diets often create more weight management issues than solutions, since they are not sustainable and do not promote long term healthy habits.

Yo-yo dieting, also known as “weight cycling,” describes the pattern of losing weight,

regaining it and then dieting again. If you’ve done this, you’re not alone, this is a

pattern that many people go through.

In order to prevent this pattern of weight cycling and continuous dieting, the key is to focus on changing habits.

Here are 5 things you can do to stop yo-yo dieting and get into healthier habits.

1. Change your language. Start speaking about TREATS instead of CHEATS :)

Start changing your mindset to consider that all foods are allowed in moderation. Restricting food (by negatively naming it as a cheat), you will naturally crave it more. Treats should be seen as extras, offering pure enjoyment, rather than replacements for meals or snacks, that offer nutritional value.

2. Start enjoying your food and being mindful about what you are eating.

Try sitting down to eat at the table MOST of the time and focus on chewing, tasting and enjoying the meal. This will feel far more satisfying!! :)

3. Focus on all the nutritious foods that you should be ADDING INTO your diet rather than on all the foods you should be excluding.

This will naturally help you feel less cravings for treats as you will always feel more satisfied and less hungry as a baseline.

4. Stop focusing on the number on the scale and how quickly/slowly it is going down.

Important healthy changes to focus on are feeling more energised, feeling fitter, stronger, more productive, sleeping better and having more regular bowel movements.

5. Recognise that there will be certain events/times where you can’t eat perfectly and know that this is totally okay!

The most important thing is to be consistent with including MORE nutritious foods and balanced meals MOST of the time.


For personalized guidance in making healthy food choices or planning a diet that works best for you book a consultation here:

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