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Welcome to a holistic approach to
health & well-being!

You will only find a positive way of thinking about food & your body here :) No rules, no restrictions, no guilt.

Do you.....?


  • Feel anxious or confused about food? 

  • Want to let go of food fears and start enjoying food again?

  • Want to STOP DIETING and restricting for good and have a more balanced approach to nutrition and health?

  • Suffer with uncomfortable digestive symptoms like bloating, excessive gas, constipation or diarrhoea?

  • Want to feel more energised, understand your body better and learn to work with it? 

You have come to the right place :)


You will walk away from our consultations feeling confident in your food choices as well as in your body, feeling ready to live your fullest, happiest life. You will be able to enjoy a variety of foods, eat the foods you love, and enjoy social food experiences without any fear or anxiety. 
You will learn to become more attuned and trusting of food choices that physically nourish as well as satisfy your taste buds. You will find relief from uncomfortable symptoms without strict eliminations or sacrificing your relationship with food.  You will find a way of eating that is flexible to suit your lifestyle, that is enjoyable and that feels good, both mentally & physically.
We work together to focus on wellness rather than body size, building positive behaviour changes that more directly affect your health and well-being. 
Honour the body you live in and book an appointment to start your self-care journey with me today. You will learn to eat well for physical & mental nourishment, find pleasurable ways of moving your body & prioritise your goals in a sustainable way. Get ready to live your fullest & most energised life! 
Work with us in any one of the following ways:
  • Individual 1:1 consultations

  • Couples consultations: bring a partner/roommate or child to start your healthy journey together

  • Come for a once off Discovery Vitality consultation to claim your 1000 points for a dietician visit for the year, or claim the points for ANY one of our sessions together :) 

  • Online or in-person or a blended approach depending on your schedule and location 

  • On a per-session basis

  • As a package plan (reduced cost)- please enquire

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