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Work with us on gut health and IBS

Our services are perfect for you if:

  • You have been diagnosed with IBS or are suffering with unmanageable digestive symptoms that are affecting your quality of life,

  • You are feeling stuck and confused about how to manage your symptoms with food. 

  • You would like a balanced and holistic approach to gut health & overall health

Manage uncomfortable symptoms such as excessive bloating and gas, distention, constipation, diarrhoea, reflux, heartburn, nausea, stomach gurgling, stomach pain/discomfort and transform your gut health through healthy habits. Small, meaningful habit changes have a big impact! We work in a stepwise manner and build on each small successful habit by setting weekly SMART goals. No strict elimination diets here. We work together to cultivate a positive relationship with food and body and to reduce stress around food.

In our 1:1 consultations for IBS, we cover eating habits, patterns, portions and nutrition and lifestyle tips to effectively manage your symptoms, without any eliminations, supplements or food rules. 
We suggest an IBS package of 4 weekly sessions, to get you feeling symptom free in the quickest time possible, and allowing you to keep the habits that you are building top of mind!

What the IBS package covers:
1. IBS definition, causes & symptoms; Treatment overview
2. Getting to know you (lifestyle factors, eating habits & patterns) and your symptoms: stools and symptom severity
3. IBS First line dietary management: We will address the following: Honouring your hunger, finding satisfaction, Feeling your fullness and Gentle nutrition ADDITIONS to your usual dietary intake for optimal gut health and microbiome diversity. 
4. Meal planning, menu ideas, shopping and eating out with IBS. 

IBS Relief Online Program


Online 1:1 IBS program now available :)

click here for more details.


"Gabi's expertise and support have been life-changing for me. She provided personalized recommendations and a holistic approach to my gut health and overall well-being. Thanks to her guidance, I feel like I have more energy and mental clarity, and my digestive issues have improved significantly. I highly recommend Gabi to anyone seeking professional help :)" - Josh

"Contacting Gabi and asking for her help is one of the best decisions I've ever made for my health. After suffering from IBS for years, I finally feel like I'm on the right path. I was thoroughly impressed by how attentive she was to my physical and mental well-being.

Her advice helped me more than the advice and instructions I got from multiple doctors that I had seen over the years! Her methods did not require me to cut out whole food groups, or take medications, as I've had to do before. She's definitely a dietician I would recommend to anyone experiencing gut-related issues :)- Teliza

Got Questions?

Here are some frequently asked questions answered:

1. Will I have to do an elimination diet to manage my IBS? Absolutely NOT! First line management of IBS is all about managing HOW you eat, HOW OFTEN, HOW MUCH and ADDING nutrients and fluids, specifically a good balance of fibres for optimal digestion and comfort. We will also address other IBS management tools besides diet. 

2. What about the low FODMAP diet? This is ONLY a second line treatment OPTION and is MOST OFTEN NOT required. This is patient specific and is definitely not an option for every individual. If you have heard of this diet, please DO NOT attempt to do it alone without dietician supervision. A dietician's input on this diet is essential in order to get sufficient nutrition and ensure that this diet is only used for a short period in order to find specific triggers and then reintroduce as many foods as possible back into the diet. 

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