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Special Interests


Intuitive Eating

(childhood/ adolescence/young adulthood/ adulthood/ pregnancy/ post pregnancy) 


Gut Health & IBS

(irritable bowel syndrome)

About Me


I am a Registered Dietician based in Sea Point, Cape Town. I also offer online consultations so that individuals can receive nutritional advice no matter how near or far.  


I am passionate about helping my clients develop healthy habits that are sustainable, letting go of restrictions or guilt, focusing on nutritious and delicious foods and prioritising enjoyed forms of movement.

I offer meal planning guides that take into account each individual's needs, lifestyles, likes and dislikes. I also offer consistent monitoring and feedback through follow-up sessions to provide clients with the support they need to reach their health goals step by step. Rather than using BMI as a tool to measure health, I assess sleep, stress levels, eating and exercise habits, relevant blood markers, concerns/symptoms and body composition (including segmental body fat, visceral fat, muscle mass and metabolic age using a professional TANITA body composition monitor), .

I also have a passion for prevention of lifestyle diseases and the importance of channelling poor lifestyle behaviours in the youth. Based on this interest, my Masters dissertation investigated beliefs of first year South African female university students relating to weight gain prevention behaviours and weight related constructs. This study provided the basis for what should be included in a future weight gain prevention intervention for first year female students, since this is a high-risk group for poor eating and exercise habits, low self-esteem, unnecessary dieting, weight gain or weight cycling and increased risk for lifestyle disease following these unhealthy habits.  

For me, living a healthy lifestyle encompasses being my happiest self, finding joy in the food that I choose to eat, moving in ways that make me feel alive and clear minded and never restricting myself. I mostly choose to eat food that makes me feel energised and satisfied and that contributes to my overall health, but I also sometimes eat food just for pure enjoyment :)


My hobbies basically revolve around food and movement since these are what makes my heart sing, including spending my free time searching for new delicious recipes, trying out new recipes, wining and dining with friends, travelling the world and discovering new foods and flavours, kundalini yoga, long walks or runs in my beautiful city with my beloved fluffball golden doodle and husband or friends and group high intensity classes to get the endorphins flowing! 



I completed a specialised training course in IBS and the FODMAP diet in 2017 and an updated course in 2022. I am part of a team of dieticians in South Africa (EatFit) with special interest in gastrointestinal health. 



  • BSc with majors in physiology & psychology at the University of Witwatersrand (WITS)

  • BSc Med (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Cape Town (UCT)

  • MMedSci in Nutrition (UCT)

Work experience


I completed my community service at Charlotte Maxeke Academic hospital in 2015. My duties involved covering both inpatient wards and outpatient clinics including Slimming clinics, Diabetic clinics (both adults and paediatrics), Lipid clinics, General clinics and Child developmental clinics at the hospital.


I have had 6 years of private practice experience. I started off in Johannesburg (2016), where I opened my first practice in Melrose area. I also worked at King David Linksfield High School, improving the health and wellness of the school. I moved to Cape Town in February 2017 where I started my current private practice in Sea Point, Cape Town.

Professional Boards


  • Association for Dietetics South Africa (ADSA)

  • Health Professionals council of South Africa (HPCSA), DT 0046230.

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