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Healthy eating in the workplace

Do you find it difficult making healthy choices at work because you have access to free lunch options, cafeterias and vending machines with endless choices? Do you often attend catered work events or have lots of birthdays at work - which comes with lots of access to birthday cake :), or often have breakfast or lunch work meetings?

The workplace is where most of our time is spent so it is really important that it is a place where we can establish healthy habits.

Here are some tips for healthier work habits:

1. Pack your own lunch and snacks

  • This minimizes extra unwanted calories just by knowing what is actually going into your meals!

  • If you have healthy snacks available on hand, you will be less tempted to make a trip to the cafeteria or vending machine when you hit that after slump or when you are offered birthday treats or snacks from colleagues.

2. Eat before a catered work event and then just have a small snack there or minimize the high calorie options that you add to your plate and bulk up on lower calorie options like salads and veggies.

3. Bring your own healthy snacks into work meetings that offer snacks, or simply eat your healthy snack before so that you aren’t tempted by the snacks available in the meetings.

4. Plan coffee meetings instead of breakfast or lunch meetings to limit eating out and rather pack a work lunch and eat breakfast at home before work.

5. If you get a free lunch meal at the office make sure to add salad or vegetables to half the plate and try to have a balanced meal that contains both lean protein and complex carbohydrates to get you through the workday.

I hope this helps xxx

For personalized guidance in making healthy food choices at home, at work or when out socializing, visit my website to book a consultation.

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