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Tips for eating out

Eating out is something that should be an enjoyable experience and shouldn't be wasted on diet worries. The key is to make wise choices when eating out that can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

1. Plan ahead- if you know you will be eating out at night, make sure you eat really well during the day

2. Limit your eating from the breadbasket or any other snacks provided

3. Eat a salad as a starter to fill yourself up a bit before the meal and reduce your need for big meal portions (NB: remember to stay away from dressings)

4. Be careful of sauces- they usually contain a lot of fat. Ask for them on the side.

5. Try choose grilled fish or chicken dishes and avoid fried dishes or tempura starters

6. Order vegetables or salad with your main meal ( ask for steamed or stir fried veg and no butter)

7. Order rice or baked potato instead of chips or fries

8. Order a glass of water to keep sipping on to slow down your eating

9. Try not to finish the full portion on your plate- restaurant meals are generally much bigger portion sizes than we would usually eat at home.

10. Remember the plate model as an ideal for any meal! (See my blog post on what a healthy plate should look like)

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