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What is the best diet?

I often get questions about what the best diet is, whether it is from my clients, friends or after I introduce myself to someone as a dietician. Unfortunately, there is no miraculous quick fix when it comes to weight loss and weight maintenance. There are so many diets to choose from, each one promising to be the latest and greatest which can be very confusing and sadly, people end up having worse habits than ever before after trying every type of diet in the books.

So what is the best diet? It is simply one that you can stick to! When you find something that works for you, then the changes you make can become a part of your lifestyle where you feel satisfied and energized :)

What's important is to have a health focused mindset instead of a weight focused mindset if you are going to be able to stick to something long term. It doesn't help to be driven only by a number on a scale, as this number fluctuates easily, which can lead to feelings of frustration and giving up.

Your best bet is to start with 2-3 main changes/goals and once you get those right, you can continue with more. It can be overwhealming to try to change everything at once, so start small and develop healthy habits. It takes 66 days to form a new habit completely! So anything is possible :) You need much more willpower and motivation in the beginning in order to make a change or create a new habit, but the longer you keep up the new habit, the less motivation you require and the easier and easier it gets, so hang in there!

Here are some examples:

1. Drink more water- start the day off by drinking 2 glasses of water before doing anything else. Take a bottle of water in the car and leave one on your desk to sip on through the day.

2. Add more vegetables to your plate - fill half of your plate with vegetables and have smaller portions of carbs and protein.

3. Aim for 2-3 fruits per day. Keep these healthy snacks on hand to prevent too much hunger at the main meals.

4. Slow down your pace of eating and enjoy the food that you are eating by sitting at a table without other distractions.

5. Eat until you are satisfied, not until you are full or finished your entire portion on the plate.

You can make up your own :) Writing it down helps you to start somewhere! I hope this helps xxx

For a personalized meal plan and more healthy lifestyle tips, tricks and recipes visit my website to book a consultation.

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