Can alcohol fit into a healthy lifestyle?

My patients often ask me about if or how they can fit alcohol into their eating plans so I thought I would share some tips!

Also: My friends who know me best know that there is nothing I love more than a glass or 2 of red wine with my meal! :)

Firstly, it is always good to remember than everything should be done in moderation. No foods or food groups need to be completely excluded and in saying that, neither does alcohol, as long as it is used wisely.

Remember that 1 glass of wine (125ml) = 1 Lite beer = 1 tot of a spirit = 1 slice bread in calories (so whatever you are going to drink slower or less of is the best option!)

Try making some of these swaps to reduce your alcohol intake and to avoid adding loads of extra calories:

  • Order singles instead of doubles

  • Drink lite beer instead of regular beer.

  • Alternate glasses of water with alcoholic drinks. This will help you to drink less and stayed hydrated at the same time.

  • Extend your drink by adding a low calorie mixer such as soda water, sparkling water or a sugar free soft drink, or top up your drink with ice.

  • Try to count the units of alcohol you are drinking. Don't top up your glass until it is empty so that you can keep track of how much you are drinking.

  • Savour your drink. Drink slowly, take small sips and pace yourself. You can still enjoy that drink or 2 with friends in a social setting, but it's not a race!

  • Give your body a break. Having at least two alcohol-free days every week will help your liver repair itself

I hope these tips are useful xx

For personalized guidance in making healthy food choices at home, at work or when out socializing, visit my website to book a consultation.

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