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4 Reasons to include snacks

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Many people avoid snacking between meals due to fears of adding in too much food, poor planning, lack of time or self-care.

A regular meal pattern is one of the key areas that I focus on with my clients in building a healthier lifestyle. When meal gaps are really long (more than 6 hours), our bodies tend to need a refuel and nutrient boost in between. Each individual may experience hunger or blood sugar dips a bit differently, but the carbohydrate tank in the liver runs out every 3-6 hours. This means that we need to refuel the tank before it is empty so that we can achieve all the things that we want to on a daily basis.

Here are 4 ways that snacking between meals can be helpful:

  1. Helps keep blood sugar levels stable throughout the day which prevents sugar cravings or drops in energy levels between meals

  2. Helps to increase our variety of foods and is an opportunity to ADD IN nutrients to our day

  3. Helps curb hunger between meals, so that when you arrive at a meal time you are ready to eat and a bit empty rather than feeling hangry, headache-y, moody, light headed or ill.

  4. Helps prevent overeating at mealtimes due to feeling more satisfied after arriving at a meal time less hungry in the first place.

Here are some easy, nutritious and balanced snack ideas:

- A handful of nuts and a fruit

- Plain low fat yoghurt with berries/chopped up fruit

- Salad sticks & hummus or guacamole dip

- High fibre crackers with medium fat cheese/peanut butter/hummus/egg

- Wholegrain bread with cheese/peanut butter/hummus/egg

- Apple slices/banana boat or dates & any nut butter

Salad Sticks & Reduced fat Hummus

Ryvita with cottage cheese & tomato

Low fat yoghurt & berries

Finn crisps with cottage cheese & avo

Apple slices & peanut butter

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