Healthy snacks

Why snack between meals?

1. Helps keep blood sugar levels stable throughout the day which prevents sugar cravings or drops in energy levels between meals 2. Helps to increase the variety of foods and therefore nutrients that we need 3. Helps curb hunger between meals 4. Helps prevent overeating at mealtimes

Some snack ideas:

- handful of nuts

- plain low fat yoghurt & fruit

- salad sticks & hummus

- Rye Crackerbread or Ryvita with cottage cheese & tomato

- Finn crisps & avocado

- Apple or banana slices & peanut butter

Salad Sticks & Reduced fat Hummus

Ryvita with cottage cheese & tomato

Low fat yoghurt & berries

Finn crisps with cottage cheese & avo

Apple slices & peanut butter

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