Nourish. Fulfill. Energise. Make peace. 

Hi, I am Gabi


I am passionate about helping people to love living a healthy lifestyle! 


A healthy lifestyle is one that brings happiness and joy. For me this means nourishing my body with delicious food and moving lots to keep a healthy mind, a healthy gut and a healthy balance. 


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Individual/Couples Nutrition Assessments & Counseling 


Full nutritional assessments, body composition analysis and tailored meal plans specifically for you. 

  • I help individuals of all shapes and sizes feel confident making healthy and delicious food choices.

  • I help individuals and couples make healthy eating a part of their lifestyles by focusing on changing habits.

  • I help IBS (irritable bowel) sufferers feel confident with their food choices and prevent uncomfortable symptoms and situations.

  • I help gym enthusiasts increase body muscle and reduce body fat by building a personalized meal plan [that combines fat, protein and carb requirements] to match your lifestyle.

  • I help busy moms raise healthy children and teens with delicious and nutritious meals for school going children.

  • Dieticians have a love for food and for helping people to enjoy the food that they choose to eat and make healthy eating a way of life.
  • A dietician will ensure that you not only have a nutritionally balanced diet, where all nutrients are considered, but also a diet that is flexible to suit your lifestyle, enjoyable and sustainable. ​

  • We are all unique individuals with different genetics, likes, dislikes and requirements. A dietician can guide you in making healthy choices that are suitable for you and only you! 

  • What we do NOT offer are quick fix, fad diets that are restrictive and last a week or two or are continuously on- and off. Rather, a dietician can help you to entrench healthy habits into your life, enjoy all foods in moderation and learn to have a healthy approach to food that will be forever. 

  • A dietician uses evidence based nutritional guidelines as a basis for recommendations, constantly keeping up to date with the latest evidence and nutritional research. These guidelines are then tailored to suit individuals' lifestyles, also taking into account any disease specific information.