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Honour your Health.
Treat your body with kindness.
Eat in a way that
feels good 

Hi, I am Gabi


I am passionate about helping my clients to feel their best by taking care of their bodies and making peace with food. 


A healthy lifestyle is one in which you FEEL good! This means honouring your health AND your taste buds as well as moving your body in ways that you enjoy to keep a healthy mind and a healthy physical body. 


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Individual/Couples Nutrition Assessments & Counseling 


I offer online or in-person nutritional assessments, counselling, body composition analysis (in person only) and tailored meal planning guides, tips and meal ideas to suit your likes/dislikes and specific needs. 

I use an intuitive eating approach with my clients, where the focus is mostly on how foods make you feel, in terms of mental and physical energy, focus, mood and comfort . This is a gentle nutrition approach looking at a wider view of nourishment, rather than focusing on every calorie or portion. 

My special interests are in intuitive eating and gut health & IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). 

  • I help individuals of all shapes and sizes feel confident making delicious, easy and nutritious food choices and build healthier relationships with food by working on positive self-talk, honouring hunger and fullness cues and responding to the body's basic needs. 

  • I also help IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) sufferers feel confident with their food choices and prevent uncomfortable symptoms and situations.

  • As an intuitive eating dietician, I am passionate about helping individuals to heal their relationships with food, to love the food that they choose to eat, as well as the way it makes them feel! There is a place for ALL foods :)
  • Using an intuitive eating approach, I will help you not only to have a nutritionally balanced diet, but also a way of eating that is flexible to suit your lifestyle, enjoyable and that feels good in your body, both mentally & physically. These are changes you are going to want to make forever when you feel so good!

  • As a dietician, I do not offer quick fix, restrictive diets. Rather, I will help you to entrench healthy habits into your life, enjoy all foods and learn to have a healthy approach to food that will be forever. 

  • Dieticians use evidence based nutritional guidelines as a basis for recommendations, constantly keeping up to date with the latest evidence and nutritional research. These guidelines are then tailored to suit individuals' lifestyles, also taking into account any disease specific information. 

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