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Sea Point, Cape Town

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Couples Packages

Bring a partner/roommate/child and start your healthy journey together. This is a great more affordable option for family members or friends living together, both wanting to live healthier lifestyles. Using an intuitive eating model, Gabi will help you to make food choices that are tasty, filling, satisfying and that feel so good! This is a lifestyle approach and a learning process, but once you understand how to eat in this way, and you FEEL the difference, there is no going back or yo-yo dieting! 

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Gut Health & IBS

Gabi will help you to adapt your eating habits and food choices to manage symptoms such as bloating, excessive gas, reflux, diarrhoea, constipation and abdominal pain, while still making sure to have a balanced diet that is nutritionally complete. Gabi completed a specialized training course (2017) as well as an updated course (2022) in IBS and the FODMAP diet for IBS. She also completed an update on  Fibre course in 2022. She is a part of a team of dieticians in South Africa (EatFit) with special interest in gastrointestinal health. Gabi can help you to find the right types and balance of fibres for your personalized goals/symptoms/concerns e.g. diarrhoea/constipation or cholesterol/diabetes/immune health. 

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Healthy Relationship with Food & Body

Gabi uses an intuitive eating model to help you to heal your relationship with food & with your body. This is not a weight-focused approach, but rather an approach that focuses on how you FEEL. Gabi will guide you back towards more interoceptive feelings and understanding your body's signals for hunger/fullness to allow you you to trust your body again to tell you what feels good. Although weight loss may be a side effect, the overall outcome is HEALTH focused (e.g. more mental and physical energy, productivity, allertness, improved sleep, stable mood, physical comfort, higher self-esteem). Gabi will help you to define reasonable goals that will contribute to your health and overall wellbeing. If you would like, Gabi will draw up a meal planning guide with meal ideas to suit your your needs, likes, dislikes and lifestyle. The meal plan assists with planning and preparation of nutritious, balanced and satisfying meals. The initial consultation includes education and goal setting. Follow-ups are for support, monitoring, habit change, reformulation of goals and continued education. 

Vitality Nutrition Consult

 Get 1000 points for a dietician consultation per year. Don't wait till the end of the year, make a booking now! It is suggested that you come in for a full consultation (1hour 15mins) in order to gain the most benefit from the initial consultation. If you would like a shorter consultation however (45 minutes), Gabi will assess your current lifestyle habits and help you to formulate a few key goals with a shorter education and discussion session. Please book an Initial Consultation time slot if you would like a full consultation and meal plan and specify in the booking notes that you would like to get Vitality points too. 

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